1. The swimmer is responsible for ensuring that his health condition is suitable for the chosen swimming training. In the event of any medical indispositions or change in medical fitness, the swimmer is obliged to report this fact to the coach without delay.
  2. The swimmer is required to provide informed consent to the GDPR.
  3. A swimmer is not entitled to participate in training in the event of an illness that makes it impossible to fully participate in training to the specified extent; and further in case of risk of infection for other training participants and provider employees (departmental trainers/instructors).
  4. The swimmer follows the internal rules of the swimming facility, as well as the applicable social and hygiene standard.
  5. The swimmer attends lessons on time and with his own equipment. A swimmer as a part of an internal etiquette of the V Aquatics Swimming Academy always arrives on the poldeck 15 minutes before the main training phase for individual warm-up. This will ensure physical readiness for training and prepare for the training by having the equipment ready at the pool deck. Only with such an approach will the swimmer provide his coach with the opportunity to fully develop the swimmer’s potential.
  6. In case of delay, missed training or early termination caused by the swimmer, the provider is not obliged to replace the training.
  7. The provider reserves the right to cancel training or the entire swimming training due to unforeseen events or force majeure. In case of cancellation of training, an alternative training date will be offered. Absence from a replacement training date does not entitle you to another replacement date.


– the swimmer is obliged to notify his/her absence by SMS immediately, even if there is no entitlement to substitute training

Individual lessons in the rented lane of the V Aquatics Academy

  • more than 72 hours before the lesson cancellation without a cancellation fee
  • 72 hours – 24 hours before the lesson, a fee of CZK 300 per person for the lane
  • less than 24 hours before the lesson cancellation fee in full charge

Individual lessons in the public lane

  • more than 24 hours before the lesson – cancellation without a cancellation fee
  • less than 24 hours before the lesson – cancellation fee in full charge

Group lessons

The paid subscription is not returned or transferred to the next swimming lesson in the event of:
a) unused training sessions;
b) health reasons on the part of the swimmer not substantiated by a doctor’s report;
c) if the provider decides to terminate the swimmer’s swimming training due to a gross violation of the swimming training rules (e.g. destruction or damage to the property of the provider or pool operator, inappropriate/rude behavior towards other swimming training participants.)
Replacements take place in the form of replacement days organized by the academy (workshops, etc.), which are announced in advance.
Replacement days offer swimmers the opportunity to replace several swimming lessons at once.

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